From Your Friend and Host

Welcome to Expats in Malta,

I am a local, born and raised on the little island of Malta. Over the past 27 years I have worked in almost every industry connected to tourism. From teaching English, organizing activities for students to accommodation, business and adventure. Whatever your need is I can definitely point you in the right direction. I have created this website to make it easier for foreigners to find their footing on our beautiful Islands. Whether it's an English language course, diving spot, climbing route, business venture or even local underground parties you have come to the right place! We don't just promote local services but we offer relationship building and advice through personal experience.

I grew up in Sliema and started working part time jobs while studying English and Marketing in college. Most of these part time jobs were working with tourists such as activity organizing in Malta and Gozo, teaching English for a couple of years and even hosting expat parties! I worked with many Scandinavians in the Igaming industry for a couple of years and became the "wikipedia" of local knowledge.

Here at Expats in Malta we don't offer products and services, we offer friendship and local knowledge, you'e not a foreigner you're a Human just like me, and this is my neighborhood I'm inviting you over!

Learn English

Book an English Language Course

Malta is a very attractive place to come and study English. Most courses are around 2 weeks and a test is taken upon arrival to determine the level of the student. Classes do not exceed more than 12 pupils and "one on one" is also an option ... Read More>>


Retire in Gozo

Just a 20 minute ferry away from busy Malta is Her biggest sister Island, Gozo. This much smaller island is very quiet and has become a haven for elderly couples looking to retire in safety, beauty and comfort. Property in Gozo is at a ... Read More>>


Adventure Holiday

Having such nice weather all year round and being such a small island Malta has become increasingly popular with thrill seekers such as rock climbers and divers. Its shallow waters and sheer cliffs have become an ideal destination for European youths looking to spend a few months ... Read More>>


Book a Conference

Malta has recently become a very attractive business destination especially after its transition to Euro in 2007. Flights and hotels are at a very reasonable price and conference centers are almost a giveaway when compared ... Read More>>


Exclusive Clubbing Holiday

Malta is rapidly becoming the new Ibiza. Having top of the range clubs opening all over the island and being home to Europe's number 3 top club Numero Uno every weekend in summer hosts massive DJ names like Luciano, Carl Cox, ... Read More>>


Move to Malta

Due to Malta's attractive tax benefits many foreign companies have decided to choose Malta as their head office base. Mostly attracting Igaming and software development companies, Malta has increasingly become "the place to be" for many companies within this industry ... Read More>>